Killing Jesus Killing Jesus
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    Thorns Headdress Laurels

    Son of God, son of man, or threat to Roman rule?

    In ancient Judea, he was something different to everyone.

    How his story unfolds has everything to do with who is telling the story.

    No matter your point of view, no one could have predicted how the story of Jesus would shape events to come.

    Just three centuries after he is believed to have been crucified, the Roman Empire adopted Christianity as its official religion.

    And today, two thousand years later, over 2 billion people identify themselves as followers of Jesus Christ.

    Pontius Pilate

    How to navigate this experience

    Killing Jesus is experienced through a series of illustrated and animated scenes, each telling a part of the story from one of three perspectives. You choose which perspective to view and control the pace at which the story unfolds.

    Navigating the illustrations
    Exploring historical content
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    Change perspectives at any time by selecting a different crown.

    • Headdress
      Priests’ Headdress

      The Sanhedrin, religious leaders of Judea, whose authority is threatened by a heretic.

    • Thorns
      Crown of Thorns

      Jesus and his followers. They believe he is the Messiah many prophets have foretold.

    • Laurels
      Crown of Laurels

      The Roman political powers of the time. Their rule is shaken by this religious upheaval.


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